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Sample Client Assignments

Client profile: Hospital research laboratory
Services: Primary research to assess potential market applications of a biocompatible implant. Technique included interviewing physicians in specific surgical specialties to characterize incidence, complication rate, procedure cost, and the need and value of the technology. Also identified were the tasks and resources required to bring the technology into clinical use, the specification further development and validation, and steps for compliance with regulatory and reimbursement processes.

Client profile: Hospital system and startup company
Services: Negotiated agreement for a newly formed start-up to license a medical technology with military and civilian applications. License negotiation encompassed term and scope, access to improvements and licensee milestones. Details included royalty rate (with minimums and lifetime cap), up-front fee, sponsored R&D and equity to the institution. The client's technology was successfully commercialized, leading to product sales of more than $100 million, and returns to the institution via both royalties and equity.

Client profile: Startup focused on medical discoveries
Services: The client had licensed several technologies from a university in multiple medical applications, each in different stages of development, and was seeking investment funding for further commercially-oriented development. After review of the company's technologies, analysis of industry trends and the status of the venture investment market, a strategic plan was developed. The company was split into two entities: An R&D company for pre-commercial technologies and a spinout for a clinical trial-ready technology. The strategy was successful, leading to two term sheets for the spinout and ultimately $16 million investment capital from a syndicate of four venture funds, a successful Phase 1 clinical trial, and multiple Phase 2 trial submissions to the FDA.

Client profile: University-related software startup
Services: The client company had developed a software development environment, but growth was limited due to lack of sales expertise and a marketing and distribution plan. Research indicated that the company's product was well received by customers. This enabled a partnership with a major software firm, leading to a distribution agreement, significant sales growth, and ultimately an unsolicited bid to purchase the company, resulting in a $30 million sale.

Client profile: Graduate education and research institution
Services: Acting as part-time Director of Commercialization, processes and procedures were established to formalize technology licensing and commercialization - functions formerly handled on an ad-hoc basis. The role included educating faculty on commercialization issues, making presentations to the faculty senate and Board of Trustees, and, as required, renegotiating existing contracts. This approach resulted in the institution taking an equity stake in a faculty-run company that was subsequently sold; an expansion of the institution's industrial affiliates program with fee-paid sponsorship; and a spinout firm that, in time, matured to over 50 employees and $35 million in venture funding.

Client profile: Established Corporation
Services: The client had developed software that faced a threat from a start-up in an emerging technology sector. A plan was developed to successfully reposition the client in this new sector by staging a product rollout at an annual industry conference where they had not previously had a presence. Presentations for the company president, marketing and sales departments were created, along with messaging and PR materials. Post-conference media reports hailed the entrance of the client into the market, and validated its competitive advantage. The client subsequently received an attractive acquisition offer that was ultimately accepted.

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